'MOSAIC' With Toni Kerkelä & Antti Jussila.

A Mosaic is a piece of art produced by arranging together small pieces. This is Toni Kerkelä and Antti Jussila's view of a Mosaic. With neither of them filming for a big part this past winter, the boys got out in the streets together when they could to film for their own project, as well as bringing together some shots from smaller projects along the way. Turned out to be a sick collectio of shots!

Edit: Tony Kerks

Assistant: Andy Juicyla

Filmers: Mikko Suomalainen & Petrus Koskinen

Additional footage: Remy Pettit, Alex Pfeffer, Theo Muse, Pyry Lepistö

Texts: Pyry Lepistö