Mr Skin Inn 2019 - Promotional Video

A promotional video recap of the 2019 Mr Skins Inn, shot on location in Wanaka, New Zealand. RIP Skins Inn 2020. 

Mr Skins Inn Members consist of Carlos Garica Knight, Sage Kostenburg, Zak Hale, Sebbe De Buck, Ethan Morgan, Brady Lem, Max Warbington and Kevin Backstrom, with honorary member Mons Roisland. Lets no forget all the additional invited guests too... Ryo Aizawa, Rene Rinnekangas, Jarred Elston, Ben Ferguson, Spencer Whiting, Zeb Powell, Stale Sanbech, Torgeir Bergrem, Annika Morgan, Mark Sollors, Mark McMorris, Craig McMorris, Gabe Ferguson, Albert, JJ Rayward, Nik Baden, Austin Hodges, Judd Henkes, Jossi Wells & Mikey Ciccarelli.

Yeah, it was a heavy crew down their last year and by the looks of it they all had a blast! Stoked to get a reminder of the good times. Enjoy!

Curated by Mr Skin.

Additional filming: Gimbal God, Bradon Davis, Dad Cam & everyone's iPhones.