The Audi Nines Mixtape Vol.2 - Snowboard Recap

Here it is, the second delivery of the Audi Nines Mixtapes. The snowboarders came in with an extraordinary collection of tricks combined with silky smooth style, delve deep into the progression session with the Audi Nines stellar cast of world-class snowboarders.

Here's a word from the video editor himself who just so happens to be our new mag editor Theo, "Previous edits from this event often left me feeling a bit frustrated, so I was pretty stoked when asked if I would be down to cut the snowboard clip from this year's Audi Nines. The other edits from previous events were good, but I felt like too much was crammed into them, and as a result I couldn’t really appreciate the riding because I was only being shown bits of tricks, rather than the whole trick. Maybe it’s just me, but to really appreciate snowboarding I need to see the whole shot full speed (with a few slo-mo exceptions for style of course). I don’t want to see ‘creative’ and ‘dynamic’ angles, I just want to see a clean fucking shot. 

Now instead of being stuck in the ranks of Youtubers who can do nothing but bitch about videos, I was actually in a position to do something about my frustrations! I’m not sure how exactly it came about, but due to The Distillery being shorthanded I somehow found myself with the task of editing the clip. I was worried that my edit might be kinda shit and boring in comparison to their normal level of output, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. It’s very different to the usual sort of stuff that I do, but different is always good. I was only really taking portrait photos there and the occasional action shot, so I was stoked to have been able to include some photos in the clip too.

Audi Nines is one of the only joint ski and snowboard sessions in the world, but it was for sure a ski heavy event this year due to a few late rider dropouts, and I just wanted to make sure that the snowboarders got a clip that they felt represented them and they were stoked about. I could tell that some of them felt a little bit on the edge of things throughout the week. I also wanted to make sure that their most stylish shots were used, not just the biggest. A shitload of content comes out of this event, and if you saw the timelines you’d understand how easy it is for simple shots to be missed. I was more than happy to dig through all the footage to find the things that I thought needed to be seen. I was also on-site for the event so I knew what riding went down because I’d photographed it myself, which definitely helped. There were a few bangers that I couldn’t find shots for (including a mad halfcab wallride bs1 out from Nick VDV on the curved wallride, Raibu doing full speed laybacks on it, and Jan Scherrer’s giant quarterpipe methods) but Nines is a big-ass event, and shit happens. I hope all the snowboarders had fun and that they dig the clip.

As always there were a bunch of beautiful features that were much better on paper than they were in reality, and as a result they didn’t really get ridden or shot. When you’re window shopping for sun there’s definitely more shooting emphasis put on the kickers rather than creative transition, but I got to shoot Terje doing ‘the best invert I’ve done in 10 years’ on one of those quarterpipes as the bottom, so I was more than happy. Hopefully next year there will be more playful transition, rather than solid walls the size of buildings that you can't really ride."

Featuring: Yuka Fujimori, Ståle Sandbech, Mons Røisland, Sven Thorgren, Rene Rinnekangas, Reira Iwabuchi, Miyabi Onitsuka, Laurie Blouin, Anna Gasser, Sebbe De Buck, Sina Candrian, Clemens Millauer, Šárka Panchochocá, Niek van Der Velden, Yuri Okubo, Lia Mara Bösch, Raibu Katayama, Terje Haakonson, Jan Scherrer, and Annika Morgan.

Produced by: The Distillery

Portraits & edited by: Theo Acworth 

Filmed by: Christoph Kaar, Elias Hübner, Imanuel Thallinger, Jonas Schnürch, Julian Pinterelli, Justin Bergan, Lukas Hauser, Manuel Rueda, Mark von Roy, Michi Haunschmidt, Nico Walz, Niklas Siemens, Peter Kaiser, Thomas Dunzendorfer and Thomas Schweighofer

Drone Filming by: Rene Rofner and BanniUK

GoPro Follow Cams by: Alex Meliss, Andrew Gayda, Gian Ragettli and Lukas Kusstatscher

GoPro Team: Amadeus Klage, Seamus Makim and Will Hodge

© Theo Acworth Terje plants one on the bottom section.