Oil Country's 'OVERSCAN' - Full Movie

OVERSCAN?¿ It can be an annoying setting on a shitty television, a fancy way to frame film or a quick way to see the current state of snowboarding in Alberta.

Shot all over Alberta and British Columbia last winter, OVERSCAN now free to watch on the WWW.


Andy James
Tanner Davidson
Dustin Craven
Darcy Keller
Tim Nelson
Manu Calvo
Tyler Lightfoot
Eric Corbin
Sean Marko
Mike Ruddy
Justin Brisson

Supported By:
Ride Snowboards, Rude Boys, Plenty Humanwear, Vans, Salomon, Niche, Electric, Country, Nitro, Dakine, Volcom, Industry, Vega

Filmed by:
Matt Bryson & Evan Lavallee

insta - @oil.country