“are you okay” - Full video

They say "build bridges, not walls" and everything will be okay... We're not sure who "they" are or if one day we'll ever see a giant bridge connecting Europe to North America, but we're sure of one thing though, "are you okay" is cool as fuck! This transatlantic street project proves once more that connecting the old and the new continent brings pure radness! The crew managed to film quite some bangers between Canada and Scandinavia and gathered some very pleasing guests appearances in the mix. Through the lens of Marco Morandi, everyone of them shines. Watch this, and you will be okay...

Starring: Finn Westbury, Sebastian Springeth, and Gian Sutter

Also Featuring: Dario Burch, Gregor Zed, Jake Kuzyk, Louif Paradis, and Seb Picard

Filmed By: Marco Morandi

Edited By: Finn Westbury and Gian Sutter

Presented by Torment