Rusty Toothbrush - Circus On Ice Act 1

Rusty Toothbrush and SnowparkZermatt proudly present "Act 1 of 5" from their new weekly web series Circus On Ice as they enjoy the fruits of the summer snowpark up at Zermatt for the few months. Look out for new episodes dropping every Monday from the Rusty Toothbrush crew. 

FEATURING: Alex "Peppino" Stewart, Jeanette Schmieder, Mees Oostdijk, Massi Bambu, Nicholas Bridgman, Amone Isenmann and Fabian Fraidl

FILMING: Chiara Grisorio & Laura Lareida

EDITING: Alex Stewart

MUSIC: Delorean - Syncro

RINGMASTER: Francesco Zoppei

SUPPORTED BY: Snowpark Zermatt, Zermatt Bergbahnen, FYVE, Drake, Northwave