Rusty Toothbrush - 'Circus On Ice' Act 5

Rusty Toothbrush and Snowpark Zermatt proudly present the FINAL ACT  from their new weekly web series Circus On Ice and they go out with a BANG! 

FEATURING: Dusan Kriz, Alex "Peppino" Stewart, Fabian Fraidl, Lisa Francesia, Marcy Grassis, Marten Kikas, Edo, Joe Simpson, Amon EIsenmann, Leo Framarin, Loris Framarin

FILMING: Chiara Grisorio, Alex Stewart, Francesco Zoppei

EDITING: Alex Stewart

MUSIC: Lonely Earth - Icarus

RINGMASTER: Massi Bambu, Francesco Zoppei

SUPPORTED BY: Snowpark Zermatt, Matterhorn Zermatt Bergbahnen, FYVE MFG, Northwave Boots, Drake Snowboards and Bindings