The Simpsons Bros "MASS COMBO" - Full Movie

The latest full movie from The Simpson Brothers duo Jake and Joe. Staring Jake and Joe along side a collection of their close friends. The brothers filmed and produced this one and put down so many hammers in it too, as well as a whole host of names that came along for the trip and laid down some bangers for the flick.

"We believe in love, in whatever form it may come. Love for each other, love for a passion, love for a community, love for a song…
LOVE is the most powerful, magical force in the universe and we all need it, now more than ever. 

If you ever feel like talking or just need some one to listen to you, reach out, share the love and remember, LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY." - The Simpson Brothers

Jake Simpson
Joe Simpson
Leon Gütl
Mees Oostdijk
Dusan Kriz
Alex stewart
Henrik Mein
Kasper De Zoete
Bastien Sturma
Pierro Scafidi
Nico Palladio
Louis Labertrande
Nicholas Bridgman