Scandalnavians 2 - Eiki Helgason Full Part

The "Magic Man" Eiki Helgason. You do get more creative than this guy, he invented creativity in snowboarding... and snowskating actually, and skateboarding. OK this might nt be factual but he is the Godfather when it comes to doing it differently on his board and it's awesome to watch. He has a quickfire part in Scandalnavians and will kewp your eyes wide open. Check it out now.

Special thanks to Horsefeathers and Lobster.

Song: "Story Of A Star"  - Ultra Mega Technobandid Stefan

The full movie is presented by Monster Energy.

Sponsored by: Airblaster, Horsefeathers, K2, Lobster, Nitro, Rip Curl, Rome, Salomon, Vans.

Watch the full movie HERE