Scandalnavians 2 - Nils Arvidsson Full Part

Ten years on from the first Scandalnavians movie, Kuske and the crew decided it was high time to film a sequel, and this one is even better than the first. They shot for two years mostly in - you guessed it - Scandinavia, all the music is from Scandi artists, the lineup is stacked, the variety of riding is insane, and each part is an absolute heater. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour and go and watch it.

We will be dropping full parts (in no particular order) each week, and to kick things off we have a face-melting part from our Swedish homie Nils Arvidsson. Nils is a snowboarder who does things on his own terms, whether he’s squeezing through impossibly tight gaps or slamming intro trees, you can guarantee that he’s going to do something you didn’t expect.

We're big fans of this Swede and for good reason. He's filmed muliple standout parts with us for the Method Movies and now he's gone all in on this 2 year project with Scandalnavians to possibly film his best part yet! What do you reckon?

“It’s been dope filming for this movie, for once I (almost) kept myself free from injuries and could ride a lot. We have been battling bad winters and then Covid, but I’m happy with the trips I went on with the crew and it was also super fun to ride some spots around my home village.” Nils Arvidsson

Also you can watch the full movie HERE