Over Yonder - Episode 1

Brandon Davis kick started his winter by heading over to Austria in November to join us in Innsbruck for the STRT JAM. He brought his good pal and videographer Ryan Finder with him and after the event got some time in filming some street spots joined by some of our boys to show them around. This new episodic project from the 2 of them shows more than just the banger shots, it dives into the whole journey. After Austria they headed back to the US and hit up Minnesota, calling up a few local homies their too and the sessions continued!

Brandon Davis

Featuring (in order of appearence)
Seb Picard
Benny Urban
Mees Oostidjk
Rob Roethler
Jesse Paul
Drayden Gardner
Benny Milam

Video By
Ryan Finder

Shot in Austria and Minnesota