spindropolis 2 - Full movie

This one is from Duluth, Minnesota and it has this large crew vibe to it, that's refreshing to see in our snowboard world these days.

Words from the crew: "Blessed with record snowfall and a crew of like-minded boarders- it is my pleasure to present a new Spindropolis movie, the second of its kind. A full-length film. Thanks to everyone who shoveled snow, showed up, braved the elements, and came together to fulfill a concept and dream I have been working on since a youngin." 

Pawel Waszczuk, Joel Tiburzi, Jonas Bodovinitz, Andy P, Drayden G, Benny Milam, Cole DiMeglio, Em Rakos, James Gilbert, Andy Stingle, Kaleb Bistis, Tate Smith, Caleb Swanson, Chris Jackson, Dave Hertel, Bailey Bence, Nate Bujarski, Hitman, Tony Wagner, Robbie Weides(Bobbylight), Peter Limberg, Jake Peterson, Josh Markert, Keegan Tank, Craig Stieskal, and Trey Johnston

Movie by Keegan Tank with editing help from Cole DiMeglio
Filmed by Cole DiMeglio, Keegan Tank, and a medley of homies
Spindropolis is produced with the help of Caleb Swanson

Supported by Perception Optics, Synch Tech, and Back Alley Duluth