Spot Pizza Trailer

It's been a couple rocky winters on the East Coast, but there was always one thing around to keep these boys spirits high - Spot Pizza! So after the true fast food comes this truely creative full 2 year street project ready to drop fall 2017. Enjoy the teaser. 

Riders: Will Mayo, Alex Cole, Ryan Kittredge, Brandon Honeycutt, Christian Manhard, Justin Melanson, Steve Lauder, Eugene Stancato Tyler Vallieres, Chris DePaula, Zac Anderson, and Josh Cherner.

Film: Will Mayo, Alex Cole
Additional Filming: Christian Manhard, Ryan Kittredge, Steve Lauder, Joe Carter, Travis Henderson.
Edit: Alex Cole

Supported by:
Capita, Union, Thirtytwo, Coal, VZ, NOTB Snowboards, Nashoba Parks, Shedwise Winches, Fyve, CG Habitats.