Sven Thorgren - Back On The Horse

This mini documentary follows Sven on his way back on the board and takes us through numerous hours in the gym, Kimbo Sessions in Kläppen, life changing words and advices from Dex Carrington, X-games in Oslo and summer shred in Folgefonna with an all time crew. From the foot injury to the two broken collar bones, he was forced to work twice as hard to come back. Both physically and mentally, to find his inner 'Svenergy' again.

Watch and learn with deep words and heavy riding from Halldor Helgason, Ståle Sandbech and Sage Kotsenburg, Ludvig Billtoft, Kristoffer Lerånd and Len Jørgensen.

Film & Edit: Kristofer Fahlgren

Additional filming: Gimbal God, Jocke Hammar, Petter Foshaug, Rasmus Brøgger, Ludvig Billtoft.

Music: 100% Epidemic Sound

Presented by Monster Energy