The Bowl Project 2024

A crazy bowl made out of snow and the minds of Snowboy Production, three days of sessionat Arizona Snowbowl outside of Flagstaff and very heavy stack of riders...

Riders in order of appearance : 

Egan Wint, Mike McDaniel, Chad Nicholson, Laura Rogoski, Jaimee Deister, J DeForge, Skyler Gallardo, Waylon Hastings, Kevin Gillespie, Joshua Lebrun, Nali Prevedal, Kaden Rusinko, Tucker Brown, Mike Skiba, Jesse Gomez, Lenny Mazzoti, Joey Peterson, Adriean Mitchell, Iris Pham, Bunsen, Jeff Holce, Calvin Green, Jack Wiley, Mike Liddle, Caleb Chomlack, Sam Bakken, Jakje Legault, Blake Lamb, Ryan Pluche, Charlie Folkert, Justus Hines, Sean Genovese, Mike Gray, Kody Yarosloski, Keenan Filmer, Noah Carballo, Julian Gluck & Phil Hansen. 

Filmed and edited by Jack Yelle

Additional filming by Daniel Salazar, Mike Harrington, Tom Haraden & Tim Stanford

Soundtrack :

"Humane Interface" by Adeodat Wargfield
"Lovers Stomp" by Beautiful Ones