The Making of Full Moon Film

Today Lululemon releases an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what the process of making this film was like for Pelosi.

"This month, for the first time in history, the stories of female icons in the sport of snowboarding are being told. Leanne Pelosi, professional snowboarder and long-time lululemon Elite Ambassador debuts Full Moon, the most comprehensive female-focused feature snowboarding film to date. Highlighting the past, present and future of women’s snowboarding, first-time director Pelosi aims to preserve the cultural heritage of females in snowboarding. With some of the biggest names in the sport including Olympic Gold Medalist Jamie Anderson and backcountry trailblazer Robyn Van Gyn, Full Moon seeks to showcase those who have forged the way in snowboarding in order to inspire future generations." - Lululemon