This Is Nitro - 31 years of Nitro Snowboards

31 years of Nitro Snowboards:

"At Nitro, we have always done things a bit differently, but snowboarding and the people have always been the priority.

Probably not as part of a grand master plan, but as a logical consequence of an organically growing company. People have built this company, not the money of a big corporation or the lucky few who have been on the steering wheel of this magic bus. And people are what we have always relied on. When my partner Sepp and I started the company with our US partners in 1990, all three of us were scattered across the globe and this has basically not changed for over 30 years.

We believe in people, not in corporate offices with crammed workspaces and cubicles. Most of our co-workers have always and still are working from their homes, ride the bike or walk to work. We think everybody should be able to live and work where they and their families like and in the process, everyone is happier, more productive and commutes less.

We also have opened small offices if several of our colleagues are living in the same area and over the decades, Nitro has entertained offices in the U.S, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. This gives us an in-depth view of different markets, teaches us respect towards cultural differences and makes us a truly cosmopolitan brand.

But it does not stop there: we try to work only with suppliers that are family-owned and operated, just like ourselves. Bypassing anonymous audit procedures and rather spending the time with the people at the factories ourselves once again is teaching us to respect for everyone that is involved in making our product and making sure they enjoy being part of our family.

And finally: It’s about you, our customer. Every time you get out there to ride, we feel proud if we can contribute a part of your gear to make your snowboarding experience more fun. And we take this responsibility serious, as we value every snowboarder out there, whatever her or his style or level might be.

After all, it’s about people."

Edited: Karsten Boysen
Filmed: Karsten Boysen
Music: Yves Ardelt
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