Trailer Park Boiz - Rusty Toothbrush in Perisher

Last week Rusty Toothbrush arrived at Perisher to film a collab edit they and Boardworld had been talking about for a while. They caught up with old friends at the Trailer Park and proceeded to rip the park to pieces.

"It was epic to meet up with the old crew for a few laps and a couple of braaaps. Thanks so much to Jye for lending us his trailer and to Karissa for letting us crash her bikes. It felt good to get back in touch with our inner bogan. And to everyone else who made our trip so fun!" — Rusty Toothbrush

Featuring: Dusan Kriz, Alex "Peppino" Stewart, Troy Sturrock, Joel Cantle, and Billy Hayman.
Film/Edit: Brad Smith
Music: Howling For My Baby — Uncleshit