Victor Daviet's "Trip Roulette" Ep 3 - Pakistan, Donkeys & Hot Locals

As powerful as some fresh tzatziki or the smell of my boots after 6 hours of pow, say hello once again to ... TRIP ROULETTE by Victor Daviet (it’s me dudes!), a new concept of web-series that mixes snowboard, travel and ecology (but not too boring I promise).
So now what’s the goal? Traveling differently and be as eco-friendly as possible, snowboarding and... share good moments and funny memories with you. 

To sum up (and because all the explanations are in the video), I’ll take with me a mystery guest on a trip to an unknown destination we’ll reach with an ecological transport. So basically it could be a mule, snowshoeing, on foot, a camel, a van, or even a sailboat.
But dudes, I know what you are actually thinking “please come on man, this is not revolutionary and it truly looks like a common trip with some buddies of yours”. But WAIT because this is gonna be interesting... For each episode, and based on your suggestions in the comments, I will turn 3 wheels that will determine the guest, destination and the way of transportation. So let chance decide...

Producer: Victor DAVIET,

Editing: Jean Remy CERON

Videos: Jean Remy CERON - Victor DAVIET - Mathieu Maynadier


Inspiration & Motivation : Alban JEHLEN, ALMO (Mogran & Franck)