WOP Presents: Needsnow - Full Movie

This is Sami Luhtanen's 2 year project. If you've seen his street parts before you would know that Sami leaves everything out on the table, or on massive wallrides and rails in his case. He's a huge talent and one of the gnarliest street riders out there but that doesn't mean he is totally bulletproof. After a tough couple of years fighting depression Sami had dropped his sponsors but with a helping hand from Capita and Union got strapped back in and back out into the streets with a solid crew of riders to film a full movie "Needsnow". Working through the week and hitting spots at the weekend and when he could get holiday, Sami and the boys started to stack serious clips. Surgery also put him back but after 2 years or more here it is a movie made with passion and dedication to the cause. Also featuring The Smokki, Tuke, Miika Lappalainen, Niels Schack, Sami Luhtanen, Toni Kerkelä, Sparrow Knox and Roope Tonteri.

Filmed by : Tobbe & Bryan