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Oberjoch Bad Hindelang

The Volcom Peanut Butter & Rail Jam is back on the road this winter in Europe, so grab your board, your leathers and your brain bucket (or not) and come rip it up at a mountain near you!

The Peanut Butter and Rail Jam is Volcom’s amateur snowboard contest series. The goal of the series is to give something back to the kids. (Beware of copies out there, this is the original!) Deviating from the established way of running snowboard contests, we came up with a fresh format. Instead of having three rails in a row, we put them side-by-side to create a rail zone. This boosts the energy level and fun nature of the contest because everyone is together, riding, hiking, and watching in a big group.

As always the registration is free and there are 4 divisions to choose from:

  1. Girls
  2. 15 and Under
  3. 16 and Over
  4. Open

Winners from every division go home with loads of prizes while the Open division winners receive prizes as well as cold hard cash. Thanks again to NITRO snowboards for cruising with us and providing extra prizes!

The contest runs in a jam format so there are no scheduled runs. You can hit each of the rails as many times as you want during your 20-minute heat. Judges only score tricks you land, so you don’t need to worry about falling. The top 5 riders of each division qualify for the 2013 European PBRJ Championships in Avoriaz, France.

The event is absolutely free to enter, on a first-come, first-served basis, and boasts tons of free prizes, free drinks, free food and Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches! Also, everyone who enters walks away with some prizes!!

Here's the Method TV edit from last year's finals in Avoriaz:

Stay tuned for more information commin' soon and check out the new web platform that will be launched on December 20th:


See you on the hill!

16 March 2013 - 9:00am - 5:00pm



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