DC Warriors 2010

DC Warriors is a two-pronged event, with a shop contest held on the first day and a comp for sponsored shreds the next. Pretty cool concept, if you ask us!

Shops competing this year include Sothstar, Statik, Project Park, Lien Air, 1080, La Vida, La General Surfera, Antidot, Ona and Slider.

The pro contest's line-up includes some of Spain's heaviest names: Roc Sagristà, Fran Massaguer, Fer Natalucci, Pepe Sánchez, Javier Lasagabaster, Kike Carcelén, Dani Sastre, Carlos Manich, Fali Sotomayor, Mati Radelli, Nico Natalucci, Facundo Vial, Alex Martín, Christian Ordoñez, Rubén Salinas, Mati Fuentes, Javier Hidalgo.

So make sure you don't miss this one if you are in the Pyrenees this weekend!