Release the Winter by Junkyard x Adidas

Stadsgårdshamnen 22
116 45

It's finally time to let loose the winter!

Along with Adidas and Oakley Snowboarding, Transition Mag proudly invites you to the Swedish premiere of Jake Blauvelt Naturally and the world premiere of Scandalnavians. If you are in Stockholm, DON'T BLOW IT, get your ass down to Fotografiska!

Movie Starts: 22h30

24h-01h: Hold Jaw Enoch Dancing
01h-02h: DJ Jean Bjorn (UpToNoGood)
02h-03h: ShitXfaced

Age: 18

Ticket price: SEK 130 (you get a gift certificate of 200 SEK to shop Oakley and adidas products for

Tickets available at Ticket Master, just click HERE!

Facebook event is HERE.