The Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour 3 - Tignes X-Games Party

So we got some info for the Dalikfodda Shithouse Tour 3 dates. From London, Meribel, to Tignes on the Friday of the X-Games. Come join, bring some terror and help make the place a shithouse!

In honor of the tour they are doing deals on the T-shirts with £2.50 postage anywhere in the world people can pick up a t-shirt from £15 including postage. This is less than a gig ticket would often be!

Get one here-

Fri 12th March, Tignes Euro X-Games
Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, lock up your back door and run for your lives! What would a shithouse tour be if we didnt go to our 2nd home,with the bonus of the first ever euro X-Games going off and the finals on the fri ,There's gonna be one place to be that night and thats at our party ,fuck the rest of em, Jettblack are geared up to blow the shit out of it and with special guest flying out just to get loose for one night only the greatest band in the north right now the Gentlemans Pistols.That night were making sure its gonna go off get down early to make sure you get in and already the guest list is getting fat,a perfect way to end a rad tour and the final day of the xgames.we hope to see you all there.

....and remember "Rock on in the free world"!!!