Issue 17.2 Release: The Unveiling!

Simplicity. When we began mining for this Volume, we had a few themes in mind. Simplicity sat atop that hill. Not just for snow-specific reasons, but also because of our, generally speaking, ever-cluttered existence, in the physical world, and the digital one. In that spirit, what better way to get ‘er started than a good ol’ fashioned barrel ride. In the words the cover shot lensman, Silvano Zeiter: 

“It was the end of March and my pow season seemed over until one last storm was about to hit Saas-Fee. Markus Keller was out and about with the Vans crew along with Pat Moore and filmer Jake Price and hit me up to visit Fredi K in Saas-Fee. The first bluebird day after the storm we hit the glacier with blower pow. Shreddin’ and shootin’ pow sprays all day - doesn't get any better than that. On the last run I just asked Keller to do something funny and next thing you know he rides out of his slash as if he's riding out of a casual 15-foot barrel at Backdoor. Not too shabby of a way to end a season.”

172 HELLO.jpg

Following up on the Method Movie Issue, 17.2 boasts features from the backcountry assault of the Full Moon brigade, a Bataleon team party/trip to Andorra, a 72-hour Northwest mission with the Bonfire team, and a piece from Theo Acworth and the Different Direction guys that will give any powder freak at least a half chub.

172 BATALEON OPEN.jpg 172 BATALEON.jpg 172 GOLD.jpg

We’ve got a very rural chat with one of the best dudes around, Max Warbington, a retrospective My Portfolio with Liam Gallagher, a feat of human brilliance from JF Pelchat, frontal nudity, Whatever sections with Danny Davis, Deniz Cinek, Mike Rav, Kill Death, Odd Folks, Jetpack and more.

172 RORSCHACH.jpg 172 RADAR.jpg 172 GALLERY.jpg

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