METHOD 3 Innsbruck Premiere - Photo Recap

Right, last stop, nothing but send! What better place to close out our METHOD 3 movie tour than the shred mecca city of Innsbruck. Huge crowds packed into the Leo Kino theatre with plenty of A-list shred-lebrites in attendance. Once the stoke was high after the movie, there was no better place to go other than Jimmy's bar for the after party!

Than you all that came and watched the movie, supported us (propped us up at the bar) and shared some beers with us, it was sick as f*ck! Here are some snaps from our night in Innsbruck. All photos by Ponchikz.

Quick visit to the IBK Blue Tomato shop


Theo Acworth was ready for a movie night!


The crowds were growing out front.


Sven Throgren and Benny Urban were in town for the show.


IBK local Michi was stoked to see Nils and Len


...and of course the cover boy, Rene!


Those Method brown paper bags going to good use.


Vlad and Dasha in the house...


Grant and Kingsnorth were hyped on the you can tell by their expressions haha


US royalty, our boy Brady Lem and Brouch Crouch


To your seats ladies and gentlemen!


First up we had IBK locals Different Direction crew present there banger movie 'Weekend'


Then on to the main show!


The boys got the crowd hyped!


Merch Merch Merch!


DJ Blueman and Halldor in attendance!




Who wouldn't be stoked to get a photo with Rene?!


Until next time...plants and all. Thank you Innsbruck!