METHOD 3 Munich Premiere - Photo Recap

On to the next! Munich was our next stop for the tail end of our METHOD 3 premiere tour and we went out big for the last stops. Munich was heaving! We packed everyone into the Sendlinger Tor Theatre and then moved on the good vibes to Robinsons Bar for the after party! 

Here are some memories captured by our badass movie photographer and the shooter of the 19.1 issue cover Ponchikz...

Method bossman Chriso handing Rene his first cover!


Fair to say Rene was stoked!


Awesome turnout in Munich


Early release of the mag was in high demand.



Brady working the lens for Rene


Them 'Eat Shit' eyes...


Rene, Zebbe and Brady ready to enjoy the show.


The theatre filling up.


Mad scramble for the merch throwouts


Handstand comp to win Len's Rome Snowboard.


Yep, that's a good match, he can take it.




Stoked audience.


The crowd getting their merch on!


...and then into the streets.


The boys collecting themselves ready for the after party!