The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding // Gallery

" A snowboard photographer for almost 10 years, I have been filming everything I take a photo of (and much more) since the past 3 years. I am now putting together a supercut style edit, showing the backstage of snowboard movie making, as well as rising existential questions such as : "what the fuck are we doing here?!". In the style of a philosophy exam, the movie will try to answer the question : "Is there anything truely beautiful?", that is, in what we do, and what we are, us pro snowboarders". - Jerome Tanon


A portrait of Jerome Tanon, the mastermind behind the documentary.


Suicidal roof drop to boardslide.


© Jerome Tanon

A follow shot of Sage Kotsenburg and Blake Paul.


It's a trip when you've got a car full of boards and dudes.


A full crew at a cabin lost in the woods.


Jerome shows off his rig that captured 3 years of snowboard photography.

The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding Trailer: