The Return of Sessions MFG Outerwear

Yes! Stoked for this news - Having lay dormant for the past couple of years, the rock & roller of the snowboarding industry has returned! Sessions MFG are proud to be back with a new outerwear line for 2016/17 and the same ethics that they had when they opened the first snowboard shop in the US back in 1983. 

Sessions pioneered its way through decades of snowboarding culture and couture. Being the first brand to incorporate Recco and Gore-Tex into their outerwear as well as collaborations with Metallica and Pearl Jam. Just a short list of the team since '84 will tell you how influential they were with Terry Kidwell, Steve Caballero, Sean Palmer, Jamie Lynn and John Cardiel all part of the Sessions family over the years.


Now, a new team of shredders have taken their place. Nick Visconti, a pioneer of the modern age, has taken on the role of Brand Manager, collecting a team consisting on Scotty Vine, Ryan Paul, Jesse Paul, Nick Giesen and Ryland West.


Using 26 years of outerwear manufacturing experience Sessions has produced a great new range, creating products that push the boundaries of functionality, performance and invention. With 10k being the lowest waterproofing in the collection and prices that you could save up for from your paper round, we're excited for the future of Sessions MFG.