BRANDED: Autumn Headwear Mtn Goat & Slacker Beanie

Welcome to BRANDED. our weekly product drop bringing you all the best snowboard gear from the best brands out there. Next up is Autumn with a few of their favourite picks from the 22 headwear collection.

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AUTUMN is a modern headwear brand influenced by thoughtful design and inspired by the creatives around them.

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With a focus on weight, hand-feel and their 3 fits (simple, select, & surplus) their goal is to be the leaders in knit headwear.

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Supported by ambassadors from snowboarding, skating and artists. They choose who is associated with the brand for as much as who they are as what they do.

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Mtn Goat Fleece Beanie
Inspired 80's Fit, the Mtn Goat takes cues from retro outdoor headwear and makes them available today. a team favorite, the Mtn Goat will continue into the FW22 season with new colors and fabrications.
Retro Custom Fit
9'' Tall
2.5 Cuff
Available in 4 colourways


Slacker Beanie
Simple Fit, Mediumweight. The Slacker is inspired by 90s grunge colors and stripe pattern. This also has been a team favorite and we have 4 new colors coming for FW22.
Simple Fit
10'' Tall
3'' Cuff
Medium Weight Knit

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Currently distributed in the US, Canada, Japan & Australia. In better winter retailers as well as boutique skate shops.

Check the full Autumn Headwear range HERE

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