ÍSLAND BORN is the latest project from Icelandic snowboarder: Eiki Helgason
The project is split into three sections: Zine, Full part, and Documentary. The Zine is a collection of stories compiled by different people through Eiki’s life and career.
The Zine  will be available digitally online on 10/10 and as a limited edition print copy along the film’s European tour, which runs from 10/8 – 10/23
The second phase of the project is his Full Part, which will be released online on 12/5. In align with trying to keep each season different and fresh, Eiki decided to film his entire part in his home country of Iceland. Traveling throughout the country, finding spots that have never been ridden before. And finally there is the Documentary, which has snowboarding journalist and comedian, Stan Leveille traveling to Iceland to try and understand how a farm boy from Iceland became a world renowned snowboarder.
The Documentary will be released online 12/12.

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