2023 VANS HI-STANDARD Brighton - video recap

The past weekend in Brighton was one for the books! After over three years of abstinence, the Vans Hi-Standard series returns with style. This snowboard feast was so meant to be that even the stormiest conditions couldn't stop it... Check out the official video made by Bryden Bowley, and witness some of the most stylish moves from local rippers and well established pros like Jake Kuzyk, Kennedi Deck, Jill Perkins, Benny Urban, Reid Smith, Danimals, Tommy Gesme, Jed Anderson, Louif Paradis, Ivika Jürgenson, Spencer Schubert and many more...

Filmed by Bryden Bowley & Mia Lambson
Edited by Bryden Bowley

Keeping Up With The Joneses by Country Western
Warcraft by Gap Year