“dorothy” - Full movie

Kennedi Deck and Emma Crosby made a movie with Bryden Bowley and a bunch of friends and it's absolutely wonderful. The perfect mix between bangers, original spots and genuinely heartwarming moments

Also featuring:
Jake Kuzyk
Sierra Forchheimer
Robby Meehan
Justin Phipps
Finn Westbury
Dan Leidahl
Stine Tønnessen 
Savannah Shinske 
Bode Merrill
Casey Pflipsen 
Bryden Bowley

Additional Filming: Brock Nielsen, Cooper Whittier, Finn Westbury, Jake Kuzyk and Emma Crosby

Supported by K2 Snowboarding, Vans Snow, Salomon Snowboards, Fat Tire and Autumn Headwear.