BangingBees: Coldwave 2018 - Ep.2

You heard it from the Banging Bees... Chamrousse Sunset Park is definitely the funniest snowpark in France and they were blessed with a lot of good sessions this winter. Here is episode 2 from their Coldwave of 2018 and it's got some really flow this one with a batch of badass riders rippin' up every corner of the park.

Look out for the third episode and the BangingBees Top To Bottom 2018 in Chamrousse the 31st of March.

Riders : Sparrow Knox, Niels Schack, Enzo Nilo, Brynild Vulin, Bastien Sturma, Pierre Scafidi, Théo Duparc, Basile Rameau

Filming : Guillaume Sturma
Editing : Thomas Vigoureux