Benchpress's Bench Heaven 2018 - The Video

Bench Heaven is a place on earth! Oslo Winterpark was yet again the home of Bench Heaven, a snowboarding event where everyone can partake, but only the best can win. This year they had more benches, more square footage and better riding. One hundred riders gathered last Saturday for the best snowboarding event... ever.

Thank you to Norsk Tipping, Dinosaurs Will Die, Airblaster, Fitness Xpress, Bent Metal, Session, Oslo Winterpark and Bourbon Rails.

God Of Bench Heaven: Andreas Grong
"Silkehansken" aka Best Style: Sigurd Lindquist
Bench Angel: Karen
Heaviest Trick: Alek Oestreng
Most Ripped Rider: Markus Rustad 
Jeremy Renner-award: Brandon Reis
Best Kid: Cooper Whittier

Film: Martin Strøm and Chris Helberg
Edit: Benchpress

Photo by Tommy Larsen 

BenchHeaven-19.jpg BenchHeaven-21.jpg BenchHeaven-27.jpg BenchHeaven-3.jpg BenchHeaven-32.jpg BenchHeaven-36.jpg