Bless The Ledge / Secret Tape - Full Movie

If you wanna see Mike Ravelson interviewing Parker Szumowski while Savannah Shinske learns stick shift, watch this. Oh and there's a ton of bangers in it too...

Also featuring Blake Paul, Jake Kuzyk, Cannon Cummins & others.

Edited by Tanner Pendleton

This movie is also a celebration of the new Vans x Parker Szumowski boots!

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© Oli Gagnon  - Rumor says he sneezed squinting and got stuck forever...


From the Vans crew:

"Over a half decade as part of the Vans Snow crew, Parker’s raw energy and fearless style have made him beloved among his direct Vans snow peers and the wider snowboarding community. If you want to hit a gnarly rail or set out on a wild backcountry expedition, he’s the guy that’s guaranteed to say, “who cares” and go with you. That mixture of versatility and vigor is on full display with his latest Vans Snow collection: on and off-mountain footwear in a sleek black and red color scheme."

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© Oli Gagnon


Central to the Vans Snow x Parker Szumowski collection is the feature-rich Verse boot. This hybrid boot, equally at home in the terrain park as it is in the backcountry, boasts Vans Snow’s finest tech with an UltraCush™ liner that incorporates The North Face’s FlashDry™ technology, to a V3 Waffle Superenduro outsole with a cold weather rubber compound for maximum traction both inside and outside of your bindings, this boot is a rider's dream. A BOA fit system even secures it to ensure you’ll never get caught lacking. 

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Besides the Verse boot, the collection also offers off-board boots, both classic and futuristic. The first is a Standard Zip Snow MTE boot with a thermal felt liner and waterproof construction, while the second is a fresh take on Vans Skateboarding’s Skate Bold for when you’re back in the streets. Each pair features Parker’s custom skull logo and punk-inspired red text graphics. 

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