Fridays At Fonna - S6 Ep4

Finally after days of fog, clouds, suckness. Fiona showed her good side for over one day.

The Mushroom Crew plus friends got out on the glacier and had a blast becasue they could actually see in front of them! Has summer finally arrived in Fonna? Riding from Markus Rustad, Kelso, Emil Fossheim, Haakon Eilertsen, Alexander Klerud, Zebbe Landmark, Kristoffer Lerånd, Nils Arvidsson, Bendik Gjerdalen, Isak Ulstein, Alva, Håvard Roald, Øyvind Mister Shaids, and a lot of more people.

Edited by Everyone since Julle can't cut.
Filmed by Marius Pahlm & Julius Braathen