We are and always have been focused on introducing new talented riders, giving them an opportunity to shine but we didn't want to forget the true heroes of snowboarding. So we decided to get together a handful of snowboarding hall of famers to western Norway last spring, riders who left a serious mark on the shred world, to ride surf and party together. Johan Olofsson, Jacob Soderqvist, Terje, Mike Ranquet, Peter Line, DCP, Mads Jonsson and Shin Biyajima; a far reaching crew representing many territories and times in the shred world. Oh yer and we also invited along Mikkel Bang, Roope Tonteri and Janne Lipsanen, along with industry legends Tommen and Drew Stevenson. It was set for one epic event on snow and closes our Method Movie perfectly.

Well here it is for you to watch as many time as you'd like. We've watch it a fair few time now...

Co-produced by Red Bull Media House.