Victor Daviet, Seb Konijnenberg and the rest of the "Triproulette" crew has some cheek to leave the Alps to go ride the UK dry slopes.... on their bicycles. Well according to what happened to them on their way there, it seems like the Karma Gods took care of them!

Watch their adventures it's quite entertaining and you can activate english subtitles on the youtube player you know. It features Victor Daviet and Seb Konijnenberg, and it's filmed and Edited by Tom Granier and Nathan Janvier.

Here's couple of photos by Julien Perly and some words from Victor Daviet himself:

Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 16.23.31.png
Of course



After the last episodes in Greece, Pakistan, and Corsica, this time we decided to go on a full-on adventure using nothing but our legs. We left Annecy by train, took a ferry, to finally bike all the way to the most unlikely place to go snowboarding : the UK! Through mud, rainstorms, many detours, lots of flat tires, but also many fish & chips and scenic roads, discover our fun quest for english turns! No powder here - but lots of fun & a never ending motivation, to bring you the stoke even when it’s (almost) still dry out there."

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I bet Victor didn't think dry slopes could be this wet...


Capture d’écran 2023-10-16 à 16.35.14.png
Probably lost somewhere


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It's not the journey that counts it's the...whatever