Notion Snow Presents "Chardonnay" - Full Movie

We hit up Kasper de Zoete to find out some insight in this new video from the Notion Snow crew. Here's a little story from "Chardonnay"...

"The most obvious thing to do is to tell you about what went down. How I almost killed myself by snowboarding down a roof, how Wouter broke his hand slamming the floor or perhaps how the Swedish cops managed to strip us to full nudity. But sometimes the obvious can also be a bit dull.

Therefore I figured I’d put a bit more thought into what I would write, I mean I don’t get to write something for Method Mag everyday. I think the more important questions to answer are about why we make video’s of our snowboarding. The fact that snowboarders are obsessed with displaying their latest tricks via motion pictures is indisputable, I mean just look at every snowboarders Instagram including myself. 

To be truly honest I don’t really know why we do it. I mean we love it but it’s a fuck ton of work, pain, blood and tears that goes into it. Yet nothing seems to be more fulfilling. Getting your trick on film after a thousands tries seems to be the emotional equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. We all do it out of passion and I hope that will shine through in the video. When we started filming for our first video ‘Pinot Grigio’ no one really knew each other and our crew was in a very adolescent phase. This year was different. It was a bunch of BFF’s snowboarding together everyday and motivating each other. I think that’s why this year the end result is significantly better even though we had so many setbacks (lack of snow, injuries, hang overs, etc).

Major thanks to everyone who helped make this project flourish. 
Now please, watch the video."

The Notion crew consists of wine-experts who were brought together through snowboarding. They are true friends, through thick and thin, through the warmth and cold. They shovel spots all day to then fall down the stairs a couple of times and do it again the next day. And you know what? They find it absolutely delightful. 

Last year they set out to film a second video which turned out to be a hectic season. A 3000km drive up north, two hospital visits, one trauma helicopter, a broken camera, a bunch of laughter and an infinite amount of wine made all of this come together.

Riders include Kasper de Zoete, Jordi Spa, Egor Chebanov & Wouter Groot

Film: Nando Dullaart

Special thanks:
Lobster Snowboards
Rome Snowboards
Wild West Winches