Scandalnavians 2 - Halldor Helgason Full Part

Halldor Helgason's Full Part from Scandalnavians 2 in all it's glory! Possibly the most anticipated part from the whole movie as Halldor had been laying pretty low the past couple of winters with some injuries, but god damn did that not show in this part! He'd just been secretly working on an absolute banger of a part. Most filmed on his home island of Iceland. Thank You, Thank You Hilary!

Special thanks to Horsefeathers, Lobster and Monster Energy.

"Efnid" - Gisli Palmi
From the album: Gisli Palmi 2015
Smekkleysa, Glacier Mafia

"O Reykjavik" - Vonbrigdi
Red River Records 1982

The full movie is presented by Monster Energy.
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Cover photo by Elli Thor Magnusson

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