The Crap Show 2017 - "Final Episode"

You thought the 16/17 Crap Show season was all done after we rolled out the "outtakes" clip last week? Think again. They're back with one more for you to get your winter stoke levels up. Crap Show #8 is an essential whirlwind of pipe slashing, park cruising, P60 destroying madness – featuring a colourful cast of some of your favourite LAAX locals and frequent visitors, such as James
Niederberger, Max Buri, Severin Van Der Meer, Moritz Thoenen, Yung Doli, and Florian Fischer.
It's never too early to start dreaming about winter again, hell, some of us do it all summer long. For the meanwhile enjoy the final Crap Show of the 16/17 season and let it fuel your excitement for next winter. Don't worry, it's just around the corner!
Music by:
Surfing Time - Little Maps
Check It - LEViT∆TE
Act 2 - LEViT∆TE
10X10 - Chuck Paradi$e 
Highway - V.I.P.N Beats 
Coke And Patron - C4 Kaboom 
Filmed by: Blume, Mojo, David Vladyka
Edited by: Blume