The Crap Show - Documentary Part 1 & 2

Over the past decade, The Crap Show has made quite a name in the European snowboarding scene. It’s crazy to think The Crap Show edits have been going on for over 10 years now and they’re still dropping, the riders and filmers doing what they love the most.
Some of you have been following them since the early days, but over the course of time, they’ve gained quite a few Crap Show enthusiasts who might not really know the history of the series. After a full decade of making snowboarding videos in Laax, they felt it’s time to look back on how it all started and document it in a new web series. 

The Crap Show Documentary takes us back to roots of the web series to show you how everything evolved into the show as we know it today. It’s a collection of great snowboarding clips, interviews with key figures and a peek in the history behind The Crap Show.

The name “Blume” probably sounds familiar to most of you, but only few people know the man’s story and his deep roots within The Crap Show. Episode 1 of the documentary sheds a light on Lukas “Blume” Rösli - The Crap Show’s godfather - and how he got involved in LAAX and its freestyle scene.  Together with Blume, Joos Caviezel, Roger Heid, James Niederberger and Alexander Tank share their thoughts on the past ten years of The Crap Show and explain how this whole thing became into what it is today. Besides these key figures and Crap Show legends, a few younger-generation Crap Show rippers share their ideas and talk about how The Crap Show dragged ‘em to LAAX - the Mecca of freestyle snowboarding!

Episode 2 - The Riders

Part II is dedicated to the most remarkable and memorable riders of The Crap Show. We’ve talked with some of the established Crap Show riders - the Legends so to say - and brought in a bunch of the newer generation of riders to share their thoughts on each other, the parks and The Crap Show in general. In this episode, you’ll find out what guys like James Niederberger and Alexander Tank have to say about Lucas “Yung Doli” Baume and Kevin Trammer. On the other hand, you’ll hear youngbloods like Elio Fumagalli and Florian Fischer talk about the “Oilers and Friends” gang.

This episode also looks back on a few memorable episodes and moments from the past 10 years of filming and riding for the show.Our filmer, Lukas “Blume” Roesli dug deep into the archives to bring up some of his favourite shots, while Pisten Bully driver Lukas Züst ads his perspective as a groomer and Joos Caviezel brings up memories from a few years back.

Keen to find out more about the past decade of Crap Shows? Stay tuned, because Part III will drop soon!