The Mushroom Banked Shalom 2018

You gotta love a banked slalom, and if you haven't given one a go you won't quite understand the addiction of wanting to get straight back up to the top again after your first run through it to try and better your time at every berm. Well the Mushroom Crew up at Fonna Glacier have been demonstrating their skills in the park but now they show you how they get banked! With some precision design to the course you have to air between certain berms, go full 360 on berms and hop over the track you've just passed to get to the finish line. This is a good one!

Here are the results!

1. Len Roald Jørgensen 
2. Markus Vognild Rustad 
3. Eirik Nesse

1. Enni Rukajärvi 
2. Andrea Straume 
3. Stine Tønnessen

1. Johannes
2. Jakob
3. Odin

TimeLord (Best Guess): Emil Fossheim

Switch: Len Roald & Enni

Video by Øivind Fykse