Victor Daviet's "Trip Roulette" - Corsica by Sail Boat With Jerome Tanon

A new concept for going on epic trips with Victor Daviet...

As explained by Victor, "As powerful as a Corsican cheese or the smell of my boots after 6 hours of pow, say hello to ... TRIP ROULETTE by Victor Daviet, a new concept of web-series that mixes snowboard, travel and ecology.
So now what’s the goal? Traveling differently and be as eco-friendly as possible, snowboarding and... share good moments and funny memories with you. 

To sum up (and because all the explanations are in the video), I’ll take with me a mystery guest on a trip to an unknown destination we’ll reach with an ecological transport. So basically it could be a mule, snowshoeing, on foot, a camel, a van, or even a sailboat.
But dudes, I know what you are actually thinking “please come on man, this is not revolutionary and it truly looks like a common trip with some buddies of yours”. But WAIT because this is gonna be interesting... For each episode, and based on your suggestions in the comments, I will turn 3 wheels that will determine the guest, destination and the way of transportation. So let chance decide...

So now what about this very first episode of TRIP ROULETTE? Corsica, Sail Boat, Jerome Tanon aka Captain Tanus,  snowboarding, surfing, Uno® game, a stupid bet, underpants... vomit.

So basically: the perfect mix/combo for a f*nkg amazing trip."