When It Happens Movie

The 'Flanel Lifestyles' crew out of the Midwest had a real hustle last winter with some of the worse conditions they'd seen in years. Waiting for that snow to come and it just never did...well, a little bit sometimes. So when it did, they made it happen and got in the streets.They still managed to pull together some pretty sick parts.

"The winter season in the midwest was pretty awful this season, but since this is what we love to do we went at it full force. When it happened, we made it happen."

Featuring Dusty Miller, Lucas Patrick, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, Trevor Newman, Tyler May, Jackie Lammert, Charles Beck and more.

Thanks to Rome Snowboards, Burton Snowboards, GNU, Thirty Two, Vans, Ashbury Eyewear, Skull Candy, 686, Ovan Vision, Leader Winch Co. and People Skate and Snow