BRANDED: GNU x Jamie Anderson - 10 years of Ladies Choice

Welcome to BRANDED, our weekly product drop bringing you all the best snowboard gear from the best brands out there. This week were celebrating GNU and 10 years of Jamie Anderson x Ladies Choice!

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Jamie's Choice The Ladies Choice celebrates 10 years of design and partnership with Jamie Anderson. Her balance between progression and playfulness is reflected in the progressive asym technology, perfectly tuned for freestyle flow. Bringing Jamie’s eco-minded sensibility to GNU’s construction materials and process, the Ladies Choice is built with a clear nylon topsheet made from bio beans that shows through to the sustainably harvested FSC certified wood core. Eco sublimated graphics by Sarah King make the 10 year anniversary of the Ladies Choice an all mountain freestyle work of art. Ride the Ladies Choice and channel some JA magic!

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Jamie Andersons fun freestyle choice carves, flies and floats the whole mountain

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Pro Choice by JA Jamie Anderson continues to set the bar high for herself, and in the process she has redefined what is possible for the world’s best female snowboarders. She is a pro, in every sense of the word, and the Pro Choice is her choice for big days chasing big dreams.

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The C3 camber dominant contour, asymmetry and Magne-Traction® ensure pop and stability. GNU's most premium materials, construction and eco-sublimated art by Sarah King (@sarahkingart) add up to a board that is as pro-earth as it is pro-performance.

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Jamie Anderson’s cambered pro performance choice is aggressive park, slope style and big air competition ready made with GNUs most eco-friendly materials and premium construction.

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Boarding for Breast Cancer x Ladies Choice GNU's long time friends and amazing organization Boarding for Breast Cancer is holding an amazing fundraising auction that includes a Ladies Choice! Bid on boards, boots, bindings and other sweet prizes for this great cause! @b4bcauction

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Check the full specs for both boards HERE

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