BRANDED: The Union Binding Rover and Expedition Pack

Welcome to BRANDED, our weekly product drop bringing you all the best snowboard gear from the best brands out there. This week Union Binding Company are switching it up to introduce their Rover Approach Skis, an easy-to-use, lightweight, maneuverable, alternative to splitboarding.

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Tired of crowded resorts and long lines? Deep days await with the Union Rover approach skis. Explore your local hills, backcountry or closed resorts, all while enjoying the rideability of your favourite snowboard in your quiver.

The Union Rover works in perfect harmony with the Union Explorer bindings, and easily swaps onto your regular snowboard in seconds so you can enjoy the ride down.

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Ascent Characteristics:

Light and Maneuverable
Fast and Easy Transitions
Integrated Climbing Skins
Ride the Solid Board of your choice for any condition or terrain
Hand-Crafted in Austria at The Capita Mothership with 100% Clean Energy

Rover Backpack.jpg

Length: 100cm
Width: 152.5mm
Wood Core: FSC Certified Select Core
Glass: Special Blend Fiberglass + Magic Bean Resin
Base: XXX[TRUDED] Base
Sidecut: New Age Directional Camber
Profile: Alpine V2
Edges: Steel Weight: 2kg (4.35lbs)
Climbing Skin: Integrated-65% Mohair / 35% Nylon
Compatibility: Voile Standard / All Split Bindings

Expedition Backpack.jpg

Check the full Rover Approach System HERE

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