BRANDED: The 22/23 Passport Snowboard from K2 Snowboarding

Welcome to BRANDED, our weekly product drop bringing you all the best snowboard gear from the best brands out there. The season is coming to an end but we're still here with a sneak peek into next season's Passport Snowboard, part of the new freeride collection from K2. Check it out.

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Terrain: Powder, Groomers, and Resort Riding
Riding Style: All-Mountain Freeride
Ability Level: Intermediate to Expert

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Directional Combination Camber Profile

The all new K2 Passport makes every snowboarder's heart beat faster. It is designed for powder moments and resort riding for experienced snowboarders.

The Directional Camber Profile of the board, in combination with the nimble A1 Core provide the necessary lift in powder, but also offers enough stability for steep carves. By the way, the A1 Core comes with a 5 year warranty.

To make sure you have grip even in the most extreme conditions, K2 added ICG10 Carbon Glass to the setup. The carbon stringers, which stretch from nose to tail, gives the Passport snowboard extra liveliness and boosts your pop. Another treatment is their speedy and durable 4000 base, sintered of course. This takes wax well and stands a lot.

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ICG 10 Carbon Glass - NEW! Triax Glass with 10 Integrated Carbon Stringers - Increases pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity.

A1 Core - Lightweight, Snappy, and Durable Comes with a 5 Year Warranty.

Sintered 4000 Base - Absorbs wax easily for relentless glide and unrivaled durability.

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Available soon but check out this season's collection in the meantime 

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