BRANDED: Salomon Villain Snowboard

Welcome back to BRANDED. The resorts are gearing up to open this season (we think!?) So, were looking for all the gear to get you out there. This week it's the franchise freestyle board that started a revolution. The Villain by Salomon.



Louif Paradis and The Villain break into another winter with this true twin freestyle park board.  The Villain is known for perfect flex for locking into rails and presses, while the pop and stability make it a smooth ride on landings or high-speed groomers.


The Rock Out Camber is designed for high-level performances in the snowpark thanks to a combination of flat, cambered, and rocker profiles allowing you to benefit from comfortable support and to approach the turns in a very reactive way. 

Carbon reinforcements added to the base Popster provide you with all the energy released between your feet and transmitted to the ends of your board, improving responsiveness and power for the ollies. 

Designed under the supervision of Louif Paradis, the style and technique of The Villain have evolved like those of Louif and it remains one of the most popular boards in its category. 


An explosive combination of Equalizer and Quadratic allows high speed carving as well as superior edge control in tight spots.

Rock Out Camber
Flat between your bindings for stability, Camber near the feet for response, and a rocker on the tip/tail for pressability.

Popster Booster:
Add carbon stringers to the standard popster and you get all the energy from under your feet radiating on the tip/tail maximizing pop.

True twin
Especially for freestyle: Identical length and shape of tip and tail, symmetrical core profile, flex and a centered position of the binding.

The fiberglass core extends the life and durability of the board for all riders, whether in the park or on the slopes.

Medium density fiberglass layers made in Europe ensure consistent quality, for light, lively boards.

An industry standard for high quality sintered pads. Offers a medium balance between the speed achieved by a hard surface and good wax adhesion.

Aspen SLCT
Every single strip of wood is hand selected to ensure the highest quality and lightness for the core.

Medium fine stone finish
A medium-fine textured finish that improves the quick gliding of our sintered baseplate. Faster on any snow, from groomed slopes on a cold morning to cardboard snow in spring.

Freestyle EB
Tip and tail are detuned by 2 degrees in the key areas of the sidecut and provide a 3 degree incline between the feet. This gives you the full load of edge hold and rail power.

Slingshot sidewalls
Carbon inlays support the load distribution and release energy. For a lot of responsiveness underfoot.

Find the full specs HERE